Storage Consultancy

Landseer has well over 20 years of experience in Fruit and vegetable storage and can advise on the most appropriate type of storage to suit the produce and storage perameters rquired. If you are thinking about building a new storage complex or upgrading an existing one we can talk you through the pros and cons all the systems currently available on the market. We have over the years researched many of the systems used for ethylene control in climactric fruit storage can can advise on the systems that are available.

Crop Consultancy

BASIS qualified Professional register staff are here to advice on many aspects of crop husbandry and crop protection product choice, we undertake trials to research new chemistry and offer a practical assessment of their capabilities. We are currently investigating non destructive methods of predicting fruit maturity and harvest dates for long term storage. This method using chlorophyl fluroscence can predict the point where starch is converted to sugars between 7 and 10 days before it actually happens. This study has been carried out over a number of years and and can repeated year after year irrespective of seasonal changes

Gala Apples.

Research and Development

Harvesting at the correct time of maturity is critical to avoid developing internal problems during long term storage. However perfect harvest timing is not always possible and NSure has developed an accurate prediction method on which you can start basing your storage and sales decisions.

With a choice of pear stores it is important make sure you put the right product in the market at the right time. NSure helps maximise this decision making process to ensure consistent high quality for the consumer

Many Dutch growers have already used the measurements of NSure to test their Conference pears. Before closing their cold stores, these growers knew which of their pears were likely to develop internal browning / cavity or loose firmness during long term storage.
Armed with is critical information they were able to sell the high risk batches first and leave the low risk batches for later in the season.


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