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Harvest optimisation

The requirements set for the quality of apples or other types of fruit are becoming higher and higher. The modern fruit grower and fruit trader is fully aware of this and is responding by continuously monitoring the quality of the produce using the latest methods. NSure assays are helping this. They allow fruit ripening to be monitored and predict the optimum moment for harvesting. Specific storage problems can already be planned for at harvest time. Harvest planning, storage and sales can be geared to the quality of the product. This increases efficiency, lowers costs, reduces losses and ultimately results in fruit of optimum quality on the shop shelves.

RipeNSure Sourcing

In three years of maturation monitoring in the Netherlands NSure has demonstrated that the optimum picking date for an orchard can be as much as 14 days apart.

The traditional method of measuring starch degradation as an indication of maturity has served us well over the years but modern technology has enable us to take a giant leap forward.

RipeNSure Sourcing provides you with an optimal harvest time advice for each individual orchard. The test combines the expertise of your advisor with NSure's scientific precision at plot level. Based on measurements at reference plots, NSure determines the progression of maturation in your region. Samples are analysised 4 weeks in advance to give a regional indication of maturity. This will be refined in your own plots, by taking a single sample per plot, 2 weeks before anticipated harvest . The result is an indication of the number of days this plot runs before or after the regional average. In addition a maturation index figure is determined for the plot. RipeNSure Sourcing allows you to harvest at the optimal moment for each specific plot.

For more information please download the pdf file RipeNSure Sourcing

StoreNSure Test for pears

Harvesting at the correct time of maturity is critical to avoid developing internal problems during long term storage. However perfect harvest timing is not always possible and NSure has developed an accurate prediction method on which you can start basing your storage and sales decisions.

With a choice of pear stores it is important make sure you put the right product in the market at the right time. NSure helps maximise this decision making process to ensure consistent high quality for the consumer

Many Dutch growers have already used the measurements of NSure to test their Conference pears. Before closing their cold stores, these growers knew which of their pears were likely to develop internal browning / cavity or loose firmness during long term storage.
Armed with is critical information they were able to sell the high risk batches first and leave the low risk batches for later in the season.

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