Runner Insecticide


Tortrix,Winter Moth and Codling Moth in apples and pears.

Runner’s primary mode of action is by ingestion. Runner is a MAC (Moulting Accelerating Compound), it mimics the natural moulting hormone causing complete feeding cessation and triggers premature moulting within hours of ingestion. The embryo/larvae die within a few days as a result of dehydration and starvation.

Runner must be applied early for maximum effectiveness against a specific target pest, this can vary according to the species of Moth to control both in terms of timing of the season and also stage within the pests life cycle as is explained below.


Apply Runner pre-blossom from early green cluster or through to the blossom stage when first signs of active larvae are seen, typically when they spin themselves into young emerging leaves and blossom as they emerge from overwintering. Another application can be made in early summer (June) if larvae from the second generation of Tortrix are present.


The optimal timing for codling is from early to peak egg deposition. Runner has strong ovicidal activity so ideally should be applied just prior to egg laying or egg hatch. The residual effectiveness of up to 14 days with Runner gives a significant period of protection when applied accurately, especially against first generation codling. The timing of application should be based upon pest monitoring, which will vary from season to season according to climatic conditions, but usually will be post blossom. Codling will usually require follow up treatments of which Runner may be used for up to two further applications.

Compatibility and Resistance


Contact your consultant for advice on tank mix compatibilities.


Runner may be used for up to a maximum of three times in one growing season.

Use as part of a planned programme with biologicals or insecticides with a different mode of action.

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Always read the label before use


240g / litre methoxyfenozide

MAPP no:


Pack Size:

1 Litre


Tortix, Winter Moth and Codling Moth larvae in apples and pears.

Rate of use

Tree size

0.4 litres product/ha

On smaller trees where canopy height does not exceed 2 meters

0.6 litres product/ha

On larger trees over 2 meters high or greater foliar canopy

Max Individual Dose

Max no of treatments

Latest Time of Application

0.6 litres per ha

3 per annum

14 days before harvest

Operator Protection:

WEAR SUITABLE PROTECTIVE GLOVES when handling the concentrate.

WASH HANDS AND EXPOSED SKIN before meals or after work.

Environmental Protection:

Do not contaminate water with the product or its container. Do not clean application equipment near surface water/Avoid contamination via drains from farmyards and roads.

DO NOT ALLOW DIRECT SPRAY from broadcast air-assisted sprayers to fall within 5 meters of the top of the bank of a static or flowing waterbody or within 5 meters of the top of a ditch which is dry at the time of application. Aim to spray away from water.

This product qualifies for inclusion within the Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP) scheme for broadcast air-assisted sprayers. Before each spraying operation from a broadcast air-assisted sprayer, either a LERAP must be carried out in accordance with CRD’s published guidance or the statutory buffer zone must be maintained. The results of the LERAP must be recorded and kept available for three years.

Storage and Disposal;

KEEP IN ORIGINAL CONTAINER, tightly closed, in a safe place.

EMPTY CONTAINER COMPLETELY and dispose of safely

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