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About SmartFresh Quality System

The SmartFresh Quality System is a new storage management tool that guards against the natural elements that cause loss in quality and over-ripening in fruit. SmartFresh™ technology preparation is a sugar-based powder formulation (cyclodextrine - dextrose), including 3.3 % of 1-methylcyclopropene. Its structure is similar to the naturally occurring ethylene, which causes ripening and, ultimately, spoilage of the fruit. During storage and transport, SmartFresh technology interacts with the ethylene-sensitive sites in fruits. As a consequence, the negative effects of ripening occur at a much slower rate and the freshness, flavour and appearance of fruit can be sustained. Fruits keep their firmness better on the shelf and at home. Today, the SmartFresh Quality System can be used as part of traditional storage management procedures. The whole application process takes about 24h. The fruit can be moved to be packed or held in cold storage. The ripening process restarts in full, once the fruit is exposed to ambient conditions.

Multiple benefits

SmartFresh technology benefits the industry, because it contributes to the maintenance of superior quality throughout the supply chain, while limiting waste from storage disorders, over-ripening and spoilage. It increases operational flexibility, pack-out yields and provides new opportunities for dynamic growth. Taste panels and in-store taste tests in several European countries have proven that more than 67 % of consumers prefer taste and flavor of SmartFresh apples compared to regular apples. Taste expectations are the top factor for consumers’ satisfaction and have a direct effect on the number of repeated purchases. Environmental friendly and safe The application of SmartFresh during fruit storage does not leave any residues, neither in or on the fruits, nor in the environment. The integration of SmartFresh technology in the quality and storage management system of fruits does not require anything else than a few litres of tap water, in which the SmartFresh powder is dissolved. The active ingredient in SmartFresh is entirely released in the storage room. The water can be poured out normally afterwards (which is completely approved by European Authorities); no water recycling is needed. The use of SmartFresh has no impact on the environment. SmartFresh Quality System does not generate any waste.

Co-operation with Landseer Ltd

Landseer carries out SmartFresh applications in The UK and Eire in co-operation with AgroFresh. AgroFresh is the point of contact for SmartFresh and applications are carried out under its direct control, together with Landseer

Who is AgroFresh?

AgroFresh Inc. was formed in Dec. 1999 by Rohm and Haas Company to develop a technology known in the research community as 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene). The product, SmartFreshSM is considered a breakthrough in fruit and vegetable storage and shipping technology. It works with nature's own ripening process to maintain the fresh-picked quality of fruits and vegetables. SmartFresh enables fresh vegetables and fruit to remarkably retain their fresh-picked quality. Today, AgroFresh Inc. has its own research and development teams searching for new aplications of the technology. Besides research is conducted in various countries by several research institutes and universities on using SmartFresh under local conditions. Should you have questions concerning the use of SmartFresh, please contact us.

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